Affichage des articles du septembre, 2018

25 Start-ups using Machine Learning differently in 2018: From farming to brewing beer to elder care

Author: Fatema Patrawala.  A visionary. The hype surrounding AI is one thing, making a successful business out of it proves much more difficult. This article presents real-life AI at its best.

What really excites me about data science and by extension machine learning is the sheer number of possibilities! You can think of so many applications off the top of your head: robo-advisors, computerized lawyers, digital medicine, even automating VC decisions when they invest in startups. You can even venture into automation of art and music, algorithms writing papers which are indistinguishable from human-written papers. It’s like solving a puzzle, but a puzzle that’s meaningful and that has real-world implications. The things that we can do today weren’t possible 5 years ago, and this is largely thanks to growth in computational power, data availability, and the adoption of the cloud that made accessing these resources economical for everyone, all key en…

Top 5 tools for reinforcement learning

4 min read After deep learning, reinforcement Learning (RL), the hottest branch of Artificial Intelligence that is finding speedy adoption in tech-driven companies. Simply put, reinforcement learning is all about algorithms tracking previous actions or behaviour and providing optimized decisions using trial-and-error principle. Read How Reinforcement Learning works to know more. It might sound theoretical but gigantic firms like Google and Uber have tested out this exceptional mechanism and have been highly successful in cutting edge applied robotics fields such as self driving vehicles. Other top giants including Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft have centralized their innovations around deep reinforcement learning across Automotive, Supply Chain, Networking, Finance and Robotics. With such humongous achievement, reinforcement learning libraries has caught the Artificial Intelligence developer communities’ eye and have gained prime interest for training agents and reinforcing the behavior o…