Affichage des articles du août, 2018

Credit Card Fraud Detection with Autoencoders

Learn how to detect credit card fraud with autoencoders in this tutorial by Yuxi (Hayden) Liu, an applied
research scientist focused on developing machine learning and deep learning models and systems for given
learning tasks and Pablo Maldonado, an applied mathematician and data scientist with a taste for software
development since his days of programming BASIC on a Tandy 1000. Fraud is a multi-billion dollar industry, with credit card fraud being probably the closest to your daily life.
Fraud begins with the theft of the physical credit card or with data that could compromise the security of
the account, such as the credit card number, expiration date, and security codes. Traditionally, fraud detection systems rely on the creation of manually engineered features by
subject matter experts, working either directly with financial institutions or with specialized software vendors.
One of the biggest challenges in fraud detection is the availability of labeled datasets, which are often