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Enter into the world of robots and flying cars with ROS!

Robotics with ROS

I found this article fascinating and published it here to help promote this solution! It worth discovering!
This article will give you a glimpse into ROS and a variety of marvels that can be created with this dynamic framework, which simplifies the task of creating complex and robust robot behavior across a wide variety of platforms.
Enter into the world of robots and flying cars! Just a few magical words and we are taken to a world that seemed so far from reality. Our mind takes us through the amazing childhood memories of C3PO from Star Wars, flying cars from the cartoon, Jetsons, the Robocop movie, and one of the most famous TV characters that changed our perception of robots—V.I.C.I. from  Small Wonder. Those were the days when these robots were a fantasy. Today, these are the reality of mankind thanks to advancement in robotics. Robotics is one of the most influential technologies changing the world. Robotics gives way to innovation and expertise such as computer vi…

How to Save Time Browsing Paginated Websites

Sometimes, I have wasted much time on pagination issues while browsing. Finding out how to browse through paginated websites in this tutorial by Michael Heydt, the author of Python Web Scraping Cookbook, proved helpful! Pagination breaks large sets of content into a number of pages. Typically, these pages have a previous/next page link for the user to click. These links can generally be found with XPath or other means and followed to get to the next page (or the previous). In this tutorial, we will examine how to traverse across pages with Scrapy. For this purpose, take a hypothetical example of crawling the results of an automated internet search. The techniques directly apply to many commercial sites with search capabilities and can be easily modified according to the scenario. Getting readyTo demonstrate handling pagination, take an example that crawls a set of pages from a sample website.  This website models five pages with previous and next links on each page along with some embed…